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Alabama Litigation Attorney

Litigation attorney Jana Russell Garner has extensive experience in jury and non-jury cases, representing both plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of cases throughout West Alabama and the Black Belt.

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Personal Injury

Personal injury attorney Jana Russell Garner is well-versed and experienced in how to file a personal injury lawsuit, when to file a personal injury lawsuit, where to file a personal injury lawsuit, and, most importantly, how to litigate a personal injury case.

Every personal injury case is different. To be successful in personal injury litigation, you need a lawyer who has handled many kinds of cases – and one who has spent time in a courtroom. Jana’s experience can help you get the most from your case as soon as possible.


Personal injury lawyer Jana Russell Garner has extensive experience litigating the following types of personal injury claims:

  • Car accidents

  • Truck accidents

  • Defective products

  • Medical malpractice

  • Slip and falls


Car Accidents & Truck Accidents

Though car accident lawyers and truck accident attorneys are some of the most well-known legal professionals, it takes an experienced, aggressive car accident lawyer to attain the maximum compensation for clients in the shortest amount of time.


The goal of most car accident lawyers is to negotiate a settlement. While it is possible to negotiate a reasonable settlement for clients in a car accident, attorney Jana Russell Garner is prepared to go to court if necessary, utilizing not only her expertise but medical experts, highway safety experts, and accident reconstruction experts.


If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident or truck accident, contact us today for a free initial consultation.


Defective Products

Some of the most common defective product lawsuit examples include those involving defective automobile components, defective medical devices and implants, recalled or dangerous prescription drugs, and toxic chemicals.


In filing a lawsuit for defective products, it is crucial that you seek medical attention for the damage caused by the defective product, document all losses because of the defective product, and contact an experienced defective product attorney immediately to preserve your rights and attain the maximum compensation you or a loved one deserve.

If you or a loved one have been injured as the result of a defective product, contact us today for a free initial consultation.


Medical Malpractice

Most medical malpractice cases are complex and require an attorney who has been there and done that. Attorney Jana Russell Garner knows not only how to file for medical malpractice but when to file a medical malpractice lawsuit.


She is experienced in filing lawsuits for the most common medical malpractice claims including misdiagnosis, delayed diagnosis, failure to treat, prescription drug errors, surgical or procedural errors, and childbirth injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered as a result of medical malpractice, contact us today for a free initial consultation.


Wrongful Death, Negligence & Wantonness

Many clients seeking to file a wrongful death lawsuit want to know who can file a wrongful death lawsuit. In Alabama, someone with a relationship to the person killed or who represents that person’s estate can bring action for the death.


A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed on behalf of a loved one whose death was caused by the negligence of another. This includes but is not limited to deaths occurring in or because of car accidents, truck accidents, and defective products.

If you have recently lost a loved one due to the negligence of others, contact wrongful death lawsuit attorney Jana Russell Garner today for a free initial consultation.


Estate & Trust Litigation

Can an estate file a lawsuit? The answer is yes, and it is very common. After a loved one has passed, their assets should be distributed according to the law or their last will and testament.


When assets are not distributed appropriately, litigation can result. Litigation can also arise if the person handling the estate does not do what they should. Other types of litigation include:

  • Fraud, undue influence, or duress in getting a will or trust drafted or changed

  • Questions about whether a will or trust is authentic, genuine, or enforceable

  • Whether someone should serve as an executor, administrator, or trustee

  • Recovery of the estate or trust property

  • Dividing, selling, or leasing estate or trust property, including timber

  • Omitted heirs or beneficiaries

  • Accounting for estate or trust property

  • Wrongful conduct by executors, administrators, or trustees

Estate litigation attorney Jana Russell Garner is experienced in estate and trust litigation including those of any size for administrators, beneficiaries, executors, or other individuals involved in (or potentially left out of) the estate.


Fraud, Misrepresentation & Breach of Warranty

What is a fraud and breach of warranty claim? Fraud occurs when someone misrepresents a material fact and, relying on that statement,  action is taken (or not) that causes damages.

Fraud can occur in many different settings, individual or commercial. If someone commits fraud while acting on behalf of a business, that business can be liable. Fraud can occur in many different transactions, such as purchases, leases, and sales of consumer or commercial property, vehicles, or equipment. Or it can occur in obtaining services, such as loans, insurance, or other transactions.


Another type of fraud is called suppression. That occurs when someone fails to disclose something. A breach of warranty occurs when something fails to perform or function as it should according to a written warranty (or one implied by law). These can occur in consumer and commercial settings involving vehicles, equipment, and other property.

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Employment Litigation

If you have experienced wrongful termination or workplace discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual preference, pregnancy, disability, or religion, it is crucial that you hire an experienced employment lawyer to preserve your claim and counsel you on how to file a discrimination lawsuit against your employer.

Not every employment matter can be litigated; however, when they can, they are often complex and involve knowledge and experience in employment law. In addition to wrongful termination and workplace discrimination, attorney Jana Russell Garner also assists clients with issues involving overtime pay, breach of contract, and non-compete agreements.


Property Disputes

What is a property dispute? Property disputes arise in many different settings, including:

  • Landlord and tenant

  • Breach of lease

  • Trespass

  • Improper timber harvest

  • Oil and gas leases

  • Timber issues, including leases, wrongful cutting, timber deeds

  • Clouds on title

  • Heir property

  • Liens

  • Boundary line disputes

  • Breach of sales contracts

  • Breach of purchase agreements

  • Inspections


Divorce & Family Law

Not all divorce and family law issues go to litigation; however, if they do, it is crucial that you hire an experienced litigator to advocate for your family in the courtroom.


Divorce attorney Jana Russell Garner is experienced and often represents clients in divorce, divorce modification, child support, paternity, and child custody matters.

Estate & Trust Litigation
Employment Litigation
Property Disputes
Divorce & Family Law
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